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Space Miles
The Prizes

Each prize consists of one sub-orbital space flight.

In addition, return business-class travel and hotel accommodation from home for the winner and a friend.

How it works

Each entrant answers the three questions on the entry form. Each time the prize pot reaches its target, a draw is automatically triggered, picking a random winner from the correct entries. The next prize competition starts automatically with another space flight prize.

Who we are

The Space Miles Co Ltd is a registered UK company

Launching a Spacecraft into orbit is familiar to most people. In order for a spacecraft to enter into and remain in an 'orbit' the vessel must attain a certain minimum height above the earth. This height however is far greater than 'the legally defined threshold of Space' which is set at 100 Km above the earth's surface. Once you have reached a height above 100 Km you will experience weightlessness and are legally in Space and may legally call yourself an Astronaut. Your Astronaut status cannot be taken away. A sub-orbital flight takes you higher than 100Km above the earth.
The winner is chosen from the correct entries automatically and controlled by the approved software operated by the company. When precisely the correct, pre-determined number of tickets has been sold the draw is triggered immediately. A winning ticket is selected and identified. That individual competition then ceases and the winner is announced. Then, provided no prior announcement is made by The Space Miles Co Ltd to the contrary, a new competition commences with different questions. The frequency of the competitions is solely dependent upon the rate of uptake of tickets N.B. Our 'Competiton End Indicator' is only meant to be a guide as to when the next draw will take place. It is calculated based on the previous week's uptake of tickets. As the volume of ticket sales per week will vary the indicated date will fluctuate. This fluctuation is bound to be considerable at the beginning of any new game. However as any individual game progresses towards a conclusion the indicator will reflect an increasingly more accurate estimate of the time of a draw.
For each competition, when the pre-determined number of tickets is sold and the draw has been triggered the actual winning ticket selection is made from the correct entries by a fully approved Random Number generator (RNG). There is no physical interference with this process. Generation of Random Numbers is far more complex than most people believe. It is impossible for example for an individual, merely by reciting numbers to create a sequence that is even close to randomness; believe it or not there will be a pattern. Our independently tested & certified ' Electronic Random Number Generator ' is a complex computer mechanism that can remove any form of number-bias. This means that any ticket purchased from The Space Miles Co Ltd or with the correct answers has exactly an equal chance of winning a prize. Look out for the 'Competition End Indicator' and this will keep you informed when the draw will take place.
<p>Currently several operators are offering Space Flight Excursions and fully licensed test fights are expected to start within 2020. Commercial flights are expected to be open to the general public within 2020/2021. This may of course be subject to change. Our initial winners therefore will have to wait until flights become available. In due course as flights become more frequent this 'lead time' will be considerably reduced. Neither The Space Miles Co Ltd nor can offer any guarantees as to the date and time of your Space Flight. However the full value of your prize will be held in a secure account for your benefit until such times as The Space Miles Co Ltd or can place your booking. You will be consulted at every stage of the booking process and it is expected that you will have at least three months notice of the time and date of your flight.</p>
If you are a winner we will liaise with you regarding your journey from your home to the relevant 'Space Port'. Obviously every winner will commence their package from a different place. We will also ask you with whom do you wish to travel as your guest. We will then 'bespoke' your travel arrangements in consultation with you. When all the arrangements have been agreed both verbally and then in writing we will issue and send your completed travel documents by courier. You in turn are obliged to have all necessary authority including a valid passport to travel on the dates finally selected.
The tickets you are allocated in your travel package will include all necessary instructions. We will also arrange for you to be picked up from your front door and after your full excursion we will arrange for you to be dropped back again.
A sub-orbital space flight is more physically demanding than ordinary passenger air travel. You will not however be required to display the level of fitness often associated with NASA Astronauts. Most normally healthy individuals up to the age of sixty years and beyond are probably fit enough to participate. HOWEVER EVERY INDIVIDUAL IS DIFFERENT and hence every individual has to be medically screened. FOR EXAMPLE If you suffer from a serious heart/lung or circulatory condition it is unlikely you will be permitted to fly. We cannot supply an exhaustive list of what is allowable and what is not. Your prize will include a brief medical check up during your pre-flight training this check up will be the final determination of your ability to fly. Theoretically there is no upper age limit to taking a Space Flight but in practice you must consider your participation very carefully if you are over the age of 65. IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT YOU ARE ADVISED TO CONSULT YOU OWN DOCTOR FOR AN INDICATION OF SUITABILITY BEFORE YOU ENTER ANY COMPETITION OFFERED BY The Space Miles Co Ltd LTD OR
At anytime up to the confirmation by e-mail sent to you from The Space Miles Co Ltd of the allocation of your actual space flight ticket, (and associated terrestrial travel arrangements), you have the option to withdraw from the programme. Any such withdrawal must be received by The Space Miles Co Ltd in writing prior to your actual ticket allocation. In the event you choose to do this The Space Miles Co Ltd will award you a cash reward equal to 50 (fifty) per cent of the value of your prize. Once all your ticket details have been allocated by The Space Miles Co Ltd you will be deemed to have won your prize and any and all further obligations by The Space Miles Co Ltd will cease forthwith. If for any Technical or Regulatory reasons or for any other reasons beyond the control of The Space Miles Co Ltd your flight cannot be booked by 31/12/2022 you will be awarded the full monetary value of your prize in cash. N.B. On arrival at the point of embarkation of your space flight excursion package you will be subject to a final medical examination to assess your fitness to board the spacecraft and actually participate in your allocated flight. If and only if you are adjudged by the attendant certified medical examiner to be unfit to fly you may apply to either your space flight provider or The Space Miles Co Ltd for a refund on the price of your ticket. The actual amount of any such refund, (if any) will vary from individual to individual and space flight provider to space flight provider. In such a case The Space Miles Co Ltd undertake to give you all reasonable assistance to obtain any available refund.
It is almost inevitable that any form of normal Travel Insurance or Life Assurance Policy will be automatically void once you embark upon a Space Flight Excursion. This may have significant consequences on your family or even your home and mortgage. New insurance products are currently being devised to cover such excursions. As all individual circumstances and requirements will differ in this regard we will discuss this with you on a one to one basis. Dependant on your individual requirements an allowance within the value of your prize will be made to provide insurance cover during your Space Flight but you must understand that this cover may not be a complete substitute for your existing policies. The Space Miles Co Ltd AND will endeavour to fulfil your requirements but can make no guarantees in this area
Generally speaking no but it is your responsibility to establish your position.
<p>The Competitions will start when Sub-Orbital space flights are generally available to the public. At the moment that seems likely at the end of 2020 or beginning of 2021.</p>
The first five times that you enter our competitions, regardless of hom many or how few ticket you buy each time, qualify for the 20% discount.
The sub-orbital flight prizes are priced in $US, so pricing the tickets in $US ensures that the prize fund will cover the prize irrespective of currency fluctuations.
The tickets are $10 each. If you register now, there is a 20% discount on your first five ticket purchases, regardless of quantity. The discounted ticket price is $8.
Firstly read and understand the terms and conditions of the game and ensure you understand them. Register as a member totally free or login if you have visited before. Then purchase a ticket or tickets up to the monthly permissible maximum per individual player. The ticket numbers(s) you purchase are unique to you and you will be emailed immediately with confirmation of these. You will also be able to access your purchase history via our website archive at any time. As neither The Space Miles Co Ltd or can precisely predict the exact timing of any given individual draw you are advised from time to time to re-visit the website and observe the game progress indicator. If you are a winner you will be automatically informed by e-mail. You will then be subject to a simple I.D.verification.
Immediately after each competition a large 'Winner Award Banner' will appear on the main page of the website. We will email, telephone and write according to the entrant's details as supplied to us. Prizes need to be claimed within a period of six months.
No, registration is FREE. So you can register now for entry when the competitions start.
At The Space Miles Co Ltd and we take your personal financial security very seriously and we do not condone or encourage entrants spending more than they can afford. For your own protection we limit the amount you may spend with us per month. Currently we limit this to a maximum of US$500 per calendar month equivalent to 50 entry tickets per person.
The Space Miles Co Ltd and the are governed by laws of the UK.
If you are an existing winner your tickets and travel package will remain valid and your prize will be unaffected. If you are a winner and are awaiting your documents, your prize will also be unaffected. If the company ceases trading in the middle of any game, you will receive a refund of your Space Shuffle Competition ticket price less a small nominal administration charge.
Yes, all legal documentation can be verified by your solicitor. You can download & print these out first if you wish.
Always an astronaut